Anna’s Hammocks® are hand sewn in southwest Michigan.

We source our materials from the Midwest.
20% of our profits are donated to local charities.

Hello there! We love hammocks and want to offer you the most comfortable and best quality hammock available! Our spun nylon hammocks are lightweight and water repellent like rip-stop, but soft and slightly stretchy,  nicer on bare skin on a hot day. The secret is in the fabric. Spun nylon has just a little stretch and feels more like cotton while still shedding water and standing up to all kinds of weather. Anna's Hammocks are light enough to throw in a backpack and cushy enough for a backyard nap. 

Local sewing and sourcing mean our hammocks are with you for the long haul. Please visit our Supply Chain page to learn more about our locally based suppliers.

Hammocks  include:

1 hammock with zippered storage pocket 

2 10' diamond braid ropes

We recommend using tree straps. Protect your trees and avoid the hassle of untying tight knots.

Tree straps include:

Two 10' tree straps 

2 carabiners 

Custom hammocks make great gifts or promo items!

Please contact us for details. Minimum orders apply.

Dear Hammock Friends, we are so grateful for your support over these past 9 years! It's been a great adventure! However, our sewing partner recently closed their doors. Rather than shift our production to another source, we've decided to close Anna's Hammocks for the foreseeable future. We will be updating our Products page with the current stock as hammocks sell out. Again, I'm so thankful for your support! Stay safe, friends!