Our goal is to make high quality hammocks and gear that will last you for years; and to support and participate in our community and local economy.

Custom logo hammocks make great gifts or promo items, please contact us for details!

We believe in products that will last you for the long haul.  We work with local artisans and suppliers to sew, screen print and even produce the zippers included in the hammock pocket. We believe creating sturdy sustainable hammocks as well as participating in local economy and relationships.

When we work with other local businesses we support a thriving and sustainable local economy. And on top of a top quality hammock, that is the added benefit of doing business with our neighbors!

Check out our partners page to learn more.

I started making hammocks after traveling in Costa Rica, where I saw lots of folks using hammocks. The first hammock I made was a gift for my husband back in 2006, and he still sleeps in the original whenever we camp.  Since that first hammock, our friends saw how fast and easy they are to set up, and started asking for one of their very own. Things grew from there, and my Uncle Bill (the happy one in the photo) suggested I start a business.With Uncle Bill's wise advice,we have been growing, and enjoying the journey ever since!